Sample Presentation Time Frame (70 minutes)Click here for handout cover page template.

  1. Greet the participants at the door if at all possible.
    1. This allows you to find out who they are (grade level, subject(s) taught)
    2. If you have handouts, you can give them at this time. Be sure your handouts are not so complete that the participants don't need you.
  2. First 5 minutes--be sure to start on time.
    1. First 5 minutes should be a "slush" activity. In other words, a latecomer won't be lost if they miss this portion, but it does add to the presentation for those already present.
      1. Can be a time for participants to share their knowledge of your topic.
      2. If possible, record the ideas shared on chart paper or some other public display so latecomers can get caught-up by quickly reading.
  3. Next 10 minutes
    1. A quickwrite and sharing. Please do not have the writing as your "slush" activity as you want all your participants to engage writing.
  4. Next 40-45 minutes
    1. Think back to your SI demo. This is the core of your presentation. Be as interactive as possible.
  5. Last 10 minutes
    1. Question and Answer time
    2. Ask participants how they might use your idea(s) in their classrooms. This will help you the next time you present the topic and you may even use their ideas in your classroom.
    3. Share your recommended resources--give time to browse books if you brought some.