Mini-grants now accepted and awarded three times a school year, October, January, and March.

Upper Peninsula Writing Project
Mini Grant Information

The Upper Peninsula Writing Project (UPWP) has the opportunity to offer several mini grants to UPWP Teacher Consultants (TCs), as a result of their overall funding from the National Writing Project (NWP). The mini-grants are to fund professional development opportunities for T.C.’s and their colleagues. Teachers are able to request project funds not to exceed $500 (per project), to provide professional development in the teaching of literacy across the curriculum.
While the funds from this grant can be used to buy materials, equipment, substitute costs, or conference fees; it cannot be used to fund travel expenses or classroom materials that are not a part of a professional development project.

Mini Grant recipients will be chosen by the UPWP Leadership Team based upon the following criteria:
  1. Quality of the professional learning to take place as a result of the project
  2. Opportunity for UPWP T.C.’s to develop new knowledge and skills that lead to leadership opportunities with the UPWP and local districts
  3. Thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the project design and alignment with the UPWP philosophy of “teachers teaching teachers”

Follow-up Requirements:
  1. Mini Grant recipients are required to develop a presentation for the MARESA Fall Conference, UPRA Conference or another conference. A member of the UPWP Leadership Team will help with the development of the presentation and conference proposal. The presentation will summarize their PD experience and project outcomes.
  2. Mini Grant recipients will submit a written post-project summary.
  3. The mini grant recipients may be interviewed for the UPWP newsletter.

Applications are due no later than October 10, January 10 or March 10. An electronic copy can be submitted but please be aware that an administrator's signature is required. Mail or email your application to:

Dr. Mark Smith
UPWP Director
Department of English
1401 Presque Isle Avenue
Northern Michigan University
Marquette, MI 49855

Mini-grant Application


Kim Parlato – Reading Zone and Grammar Book Study
Mini grant funded two book studies: one on reading workshop; the other on effective grammar instruction and provided recourses to assist in mapping plans for literacy instruction.

Brianna Bancroft – Professional Development with Writing
Mini grant funded purchase of literacy reference books to support development of the teaching of writing in grades K-2. Also supported development of school writing plan.


Gloria Balmes – Assessing Student Work
Mini grant funded the ongoing collaboration of a K-5 MAPS professional learning community by providing money for substitutes and food costs.

Erin Donovan – Assessing Student Work – resource materials
Mini grant funded 6 + 1 Traits of Writing resources for the K-5 MAPS professional learning community.


Anne Mohar Schumer – Teachers Teaching Teachers to Teach the Traits
Mini grant funded two teachers to attend a Power Writing training and look at the effective traits of writing.

Shannon Ruiz – French Reading and Writing Exchange
Mini grant funds purchased materials from France to create a lending library for foreign language teachers and use in the classroom.

Kathryn Russell – Using the Collaborative Assessment Conference Model to Look at Student Work, a follow up to Kathleen Reddy Butkovich’s training workshop.
Mini grant funded books and sub costs for small learning community of K-5 teachers.

Marsha Page – Looking at Student Work
Mini grant funded this collaboration between MAPS and the UPWP to continue the CAC work analyzing student writing samples.