UP Writing Project News

Many of us continue to enjoy these winters months while others are looking forward to warmer weather. Either way, as you look forward be sure to check out the opportunities available to you through the UPWP. If you have wants and needs that the UPWP can help you with, please let us know. We are your Writing Project.

Mini-grants for up to $500 are available again this year. The funds must be used for teacher professional development. If you'd like to write a grant to allow you to attend a conference or workshop, think of how you will share your knowledge with others. Are you interested in leading an Advanced Institutes in 2011? A list and brief descriptions of previous awards are listed on the Mini-grant page of this wiki. If the application isn't up yet, keep checking as it will be any day. Deadline for submissions is April 12, 2010. Please note, the deadline is the Monday after many districts' spring break.

Advanced & Open Institutes
The paperwork is progressing for the Advanced Institute to be held May 15, June 28, 29, and 30. At least 12 TCs must enroll and it looks like that number is reachable. A description can be found on the January newsletter page. Please contact Paula Diedrich if interested.

The three open institutes suggested to MARESA were well received. Open institutes are just that--open to anyone, not just TCs. Watch for the MARESA flyer in your school mailbox in early May. These open institutes are a great way to introduce your colleagues to the wonderful work of our site.

UPWP & NWP-M Retreats
The annual UPWP Retreat is scheduled at the Collin's Camp on Conway Lake August 16-17. We all know our summer calendars fill up quickly so mark it down now. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the new TCs and gently get yourself back into thinking of your classrooms.

The Monday-Wednesday prior to the UPWP retreat, August 9-11, the NWP-Michigan Retreat will be held on the campus of Central Michigan University. This retreat gathers representatives from all 11 writing projects sites in Michigan. The site directors met at the end of January and began planning the event. There will be time to meet with other sites, learn about various leadership opportuniities, learn about trends in education, and write, of course. If you are interested in becoming more involved in our site's work and would like to attend, please contact Mark or Jan. Much of the cost to attend will be underwritten by the UPWP.

Saturday Sessions & Recruitment

The final two sessions are March 13 and the SI Kick-off May 15. If you're like many of us and need a reason to find time to read something more than your students' papers, we are reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Also, you are welcome to bring a guest to our Saturday Sessions. It's another way to introduce a colleague to our work. Some attendees brought current student-teachers too. Finally, look for a snail mail correspondence from us soon to help you recruit teachers for this summer's institute.