Upper Peninsula Writing Project Summer Institute

Each year, the UPWP hosts and Invitational Summer Institute for successful K-12 and University teachers in all curriculum areas. The Institute is the gateway to the National Writing Projects’ professional community.
Applicants selected for the UPWP Invitational Summer Institute receive a three credit fellowship to pay for a portion of the five credit institute. During the school year following completion of the Summer Institute, participants are eligible to take two additional credits (one in the fall and one in the winter) as part of their Fellowship. These credits are earned through participation in the UPWP Saturday Seminars. Thus, UPWP Teacher Consultants may earn up to five NMU graduate credits during the summer and school year following their institute at UPWP expense. Fellows may apply the credits to either the Department of English or the School of Education

During the institute, teachers examine best practices, explore critical research that drives classroom practice, and rediscover the power of writing to communicate and learn.
The Institute features:
Lessons and demonstrations of writing instruction by participants and UPWP Teacher Consultants
Access to an extensive, up-to-date professional library
Opportunities for professional and personal writing, individually and in small writing groups
Friendship and community with a diverse group of teachers from various school districts, content areas, teaching levels and backgrounds.
A final position statement allows participants to develop goals for using what they have learned in the institute in their own personal and professional lives.
Upon completion of the Institute, fellows will emerge as teacher consultants of the UPWP, ready to successfully incorporate quality writing and/or writing to learn instruction in their own classrooms, as well as become leaders in their school.
In addition, Teacher Consultants are able to participate in NWP’s ongoing professional growth and leadership opportunities on local, state and national levels.